Livermore, ME, June 1, 2009 – The Coombs Motorsports Ford Fusion was back in action this Saturday at Oxford Plains Speedway. After overcoming a rough heat and slow cars in the feature Coombs piloted the 57 into a solid ninth place finish.

The day started off well for the Coombs Motorsports team running consistently in the top ten for two practice sessions. In the final practice, the team chose to scuff race tires and ended up 12’th on the speedcharts.

This was also the second week that Coombs Motorsports had to start at the rear of the field for not racing last season. This placed the team deep in the first heat with many new drivers. On the start, the car running in the third spot lost control and spun in the middle of turn two. Most of the drivers checked up to avoid the wreck, except the 48 driven by Kenny Harrison who made hard contact with rear end of the Coombs Motorsports Ford.

On lap three, the 57 made its move to the outside, but the position would be short lived as another car forced a three-wide situation in turn one sending Coombs off the track. Since the team would have to start from the rear of the feature anyway, Coombs elected to bring it in and not deal with the poor driving exhibited in the heat.

Coombs Motorsports started the feature in the 15’th position. Once the green flag fell, it was obvious that the 27 driven by Jason Larrabee was holding up the entire back half of the field. Larrabee also seemed out of control letting the car slide up into the third groove of the track on both the front and back straights of the speedway. After letting off once as Larrabee chopped down into turn one, Coombs decided he would make his move on the inside of the 27. Coombs was up to the door of the 27 when Larrabee decided he wanted the inside. Larrabee made contact with the front of the 57 and immediately lost control of his car relegating him to the back of the field.

With the slow cars out of the way, Coombs set his sights on the front runners. He reached Donnie Wentworth and Shawn Knight within a few laps and set up to pass them on the outside. Coombs made easy work of Wentworth and tried to overcome the 25 of Knight.

Coombs and Wentworth soon found themselves held up behind the 25. Wentworth would make the first move clearing Coombs, who slid up behind him to help overcome Knight. When the checkered flag flew, Wentworth was the only one who could overcome Knight placing Coombs in the ninth position for the second consecutive week.

Coombs Motorsports will be taking the weekend off from racing but will be back in action at Oxford Plains Speedway on June 13.


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