ALERT: Are NASCAR Teams Going to Start Policing Driver’s Tweeting?

Posted: August 14, 2009 in NASCAR
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The widespread use of Twitter by celebrities has allowed fans to get an inside look at the lives of their favorite personalities, but could the days of being able to know what they are doing be coming to a halt?

One of the greatest additions to this NASCAR season has been the Tweeting of teams and drivers about how the race weekend is going. Some driver’s even have their wives tweeting for them from the pit box to keep fans up-to-date. A recent move by Richard Petty Motorsports may be a indicator of things to come in the world of NASCAR.

AJ Allmendinger driver of the number 44 Richard Petty Motorsports Dodge Charger has been tweeting for most of the season. On race day his PR representative takes over keeping tabs on changes to the car and how Allmendinger is running.

This morning at 10:50 AM ET Public Relations for AJ Allmendinger tweeted the following: “PR – good morning loyal followers! We have some bad news – due to some circumstances beyond our control, we are having to temporarily suspend aj’s twittering. We apologize this has to be done. We will look for an alternative to replace the best we can. Thank u guys for being the best fans out there!”

There has been no other explanation as to why this is happening or what the circumstances are. Allmendinger’s other tweeting teammates Kasey Kahne (@kaseykahne) and Elliott Sadler (@elliott_sadler) have not made a similar announcement, leaving followers to wonder why only Allmendinger’s tweeting is being suspended.

This suspension comes after ESPN has told it’s employees they can not tweet.

Other sports are also joining in banning Twitter. An article in the New York Times on August 3’rd discussed how NFL coaches told their players during pre-season practice that they are not allowed to tweet. The article goes on to state that though the NFL does not have a social media policy, it does not allow players and coaches to have cell phones, smart phones, or PDA’s on the sidelines.

For the full article text:

  1. Sara says:

    AJ and his wife both’s accounts are suspended. I don’t think RPM would suspend Lynne’s

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